China's industry is growing fast!

When we studied Ghana in the last unit we learnt how the countries population were employed in different industries.
Can you remember what these are?
They are Primary, Secondary and Tertiary industries. You can remind yourself about what secondary and tertiary industry are here.
Primary industry is the extraction of raw materials from the earth. Primary industries include farming, fishing and mining.

Have a go at this quiz to test your knowledge on the different types of industry.

Look at the graph below. It shows how China's GDP has grown from 1978 to 2002. Remember GDP stands for Gross Domestic Product, this is the total amount of money a country earns in a year from all of its industry.The graph shows how the GDP has grown by sector. This means how the three different types of industry have grown.

China's GDP by Sector (1978-2002)
China's GDP by Sector (1978-2002)

As China develops, more and more people get jobs in the Secondary and Tertiary sectors. The number of people working in the Primary industries, such as farming, decreases.

Employment by Sector (% of population)
Primary: 38.1%
Secondary: 27.8%
Tertiary: 34.1% (2008 est.)
Primary: 56%Secondary: 15%
Tertiary: 29% (2005)

Here is the worksheet for this part of the unit.

But how is this change affecting the environment of China?