China's population: The worlds largest

Use the map above to compare China's population to other countries we have studied.

What Problems to China's Population Create?

This clip introduces some of the issues facing China as the population grows.

In 1935 the population was 430 million, today it is 1.22 billion!

How many people can live in China? What is it's "carrying capacity"

China's population worksheet

Extra tasks
  • How fast is China's population growing? Use the information from this page to describe how the population of China is expected to grow. How does this compare to the other countries shown on the map at the top of the page.
  • Create a graph showing the population growth rates for each country and then write a brief description of what the graph shows. Can you explain the graph?

China's One Child Policy: Success and Failure

How has the One Child Policy affected China's population growth? Has it worked?

China introduced a controversial law that limited people in the cities to only one child per couple. Has succeeded in slowing population growth? What problems has it caused? In this part of the unit we will look into these questions in more detail.

Task 1:

Using the data contained in the pdf document below, you are going to produce an excel spreadsheet and graph showing how the Fertility Rate has changed since the policy was been introduced.

Task 2: The Problems of a One Child policy.

Using the resources below you are to write a newspaper article discussing the problems that the one child policy has caused and how it may affect China in the future.

This video from the BBC explains some of the problems facing China as its population gets older. This video goes on to explain the problems further and explain why many people are asking to have the policy stopped.

The worksheet on the One Child Policy

How do you feel about the One Child policy? If you were the ruler of China, what would you do?