The Tropical Rainforest

Introducing the Rainforest: Planet Earth, "Jungles."

Task 1) Location of the Worlds Rainforest

A map showing the location of the worlds rainforests, including the temperate rainforests found on the Pacific coast of North America and Canada and New Zealand.

Task 1:

i) Describe the global distribution of Tropical Rainforest. You should mention their location in relation to the equator and the tropics, the continents they are found on and give some examples of countries with large areas of rainforest.

Task 2) The Structure of the Rainforest

The Living Planet 04 of 12 Jungle by kaanozten

Use the handout to make notes on the structure of the rainforest and the characteristics of the different layers. Use actual plant and animal names wherever possible.

Task 3) Why is the Rainforest Important?

Use the link in the title above and the Guided Tour below to complete the work sheet on the Values of the Rainforest that you have been given.

Rainforest E booklet.PNG

Task 4) What are we doing to the Rainforest.

1) Use the handout "Why are the Tropical Rainforests so Important," create your own diagram that shows the effects of clearing the rainforest. Draw your diagram on the back of the "Values of the Rainforest Sheet."

2) Beneath your diagram write a paragraph explaining why the Rainforests are so important and the effect that clearing the rainforest has.

3) Work through the tasks on the pdf below.

Stopping Deforestation: A Greenpeace video.

Remember, Greenpeace are an environmental organisation and therefore their video is likely to be one sided

However, many people rely on the exploitation of the forest to make a living. If we are to protect the tropical rainforest, we must also make sure to support the people who live and work there.

  • Why is the rainforest in danger?

  • Do you think it is important to protect the rainforest? Why?

  • What could you do to help protect the Tropical Rainforest?

6) Palm Oil and Me

palm oil.jpg

Pilfered for Palm Oil Banner.PNG
Drone footage clearer illustrates the damage that unsustainable Palm Oil production can do to the rainforest. Click on the picture to see the film.

Is Malaysia's palm oil worth the cost?

palm oil clip.PNG

Can Palm Oil be produced in a sustainable way?

Nutella defends its use of palm oil, deemed a 'potential health concern'

By Susan Scutti, CNN, January 13, 2017

Nutella defends their use of Palm Oil.PNG

Palm Oil Assessment:

You are going to write an essay about the issues surrounding the production of palm oil.

The essay should be between 800 and 1000 words.

The Palm Oil booklet that you have just completed will for the basis of your essay although I expect you to do your own research as well.

This page from has lots of information as does this page.

6) The Tribe: The Indigenous People of the Amazon.

Kayapo tribe children.jpg